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Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Advertising Opportunities

This POLICY designates MSHA procedures for accepting and posting advertising and establishes a BASIS to define ethical and financial guidelines for advertising on the MSHA website.

The PROCEDURE is as follows:

●     The website will post a specific tab listing advertising options and fees.

●     All advertising is subject to the MSHA Advertising Standards and Conditions specified in this document.

●     Advertising is available on the website and the printed conference program. Ads are posted on the website within days of paid submission.

●     Job position posts, continuing education (CE) events, and banner ads are posted on the web site for the following fees:  

Job Position posts: Members---FREE; Non-members---$100.

   Position ads are posted for 3 months.

                CE event ads: Members---FREE; Non-members---$100.

   CE events ads are posted 3 months prior to the event and removed one  week following the event.

                Banner ads: Members---$100/year and Non-members---$200/year from date of purchase. Non-member additional $50 fee for a link post.


·        MSHA Publication ads are posted for the following fees:


   MSHA Message online newsletter ads: Business card size only.

   Members---FREE; Non-members---$50 per issue.

   Conference program print ads: Members---Full page: $100,

   Half page: $50, One-fourth page and/or Business card---FREE.

   Non-members---Full page: $200, Half page: $100; One-fourth page: $75;

   Business card---$50.

Please email all post ready content in .pdf .jpg, or .png formats to  




  • MSHA endorses equal employment opportunity practices and accepts only ads that are not discriminatory on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, or physical handicap.


  • The acceptability of an ad for publication will be based upon legal, social, professional, and ethical considerations and must be in keeping with the professional policies of the Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association.


  • MSHA reserves the right to refuse, reject, or cancel any ad for any reason at any time without liability, even though previously acknowledged or accepted. Acceptance of an ad does not im ply MSHA’s endorsement of the product or service advertised. MSHA is not responsible for any claims made in an advertisement in any MSHA publication. MSHA’s Public Relations / Marketing Committee reviews all ads for efficacy claims and language use. Advertisers making efficacy claims will be asked to provide research data to substantiate the claim.


  • Speech-language pathologists may not be referred to as therapists, speech teachers, speech therapists, or speech pathologists.


  • All camera-ready copy, artwork, photographs, and negatives received will be stored for 1 year and then destroyed, unless otherwise specified by the advertiser. MSHA assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged art.


  • Advertisers and advertising agencies assume responsibility for the content of their advertisements. Advertisers represent that they are fully authorized and/or licensed to publish the entire contents and subject matter contained in their advertisements including:


  • The names, portraits, and/or pictures of living persons;


  • Any copyrighted material;


  • Any testimonials contained in any advertisement submitted to and published by MSHA. Advertiser and agency will also indemnify and save harmless MSHA, publisher, against all loss, liability, damage, and expense of any nature arising out of the copying, printing, or publishing of its advertisement, including without limitation reasonable attorney’s fees resulting from claims or suits for libel, violation of rights or privacy, plagiarism, copyright, and trademark infringement.


  • Position specifications stipulated on insertion orders will be treated as a request only and will not be binding on the publication.


  • The word “Advertisement” will be placed with a copy that in the publisher’s opinion resembles editorial matter.


  • Rates, conditions, editorial calendar, and space units may change without notice.