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MSHA Policy on Sponsorship (Click to download)

Deadline is February 28th, 2018

The purposes of the Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association are to act on behalf of the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology in Mississippi; to advocate for persons with communicative disorders; to promote high standards of qualifications and ethical practice; and to provide continuing education.

MSHA may form strategic relationships with sponsors and advertisers to support activities relevant to its mission and to expose members and candidates to products or services that may benefit their professional lives.  MSHA will not partner with sponsors or advertisers that reflect MSHA in a negative manner on or do not align with its mission.

A sponsorship is a mutually beneficial exchange whereby the sponsor receives recognition  in return for cash or goods or services-in-kind provided to MSHA.  Advertising is defined as offering space in a print publication or online venue to another party for the purpose of promoting or marketing any trade or business, or any service, facility, or product. Advertising is covered under a separate policy. A copy is available by request.

Examples of acceptable sponsors include firms that recruit or employ speech pathologists or audiologists, or that sell products or services that they may use in their work.  MSHA has an obligation to protect its  reputable name  and therefore reserves the right to determine at its absolute discretion who may be a sponsor or advertiser.

A partnership agreement will define the terms of the sponsorship and any recognition to be provided to the sponsor. Sponsors will be provided with a level of recognition commensurate with their contributions. Sponsorship agreements may vary by sponsor.

MSHA’s acceptance of sponsorships will  in no way imply a direct affiliation between MSHA and its sponsors, and shall in no way include any perceived endorsement of the sponsors by MSHA  Sponsors are not permitted to use the MSHA name or logo in any of their own promotional activities.

When entering into relationships with sponsors, MSHA will make certain that these relationships do not compromise the integrity and objectivity of MSHA activities.  MSHA retains absolute control over any activity that accepts sponsors.  Sponsors have no influence on operational matters relating to a project they have supported through sponsorship. Individual staff shall not receive any substantial benefit from association with sponsors. Any offers of commissions, substantial gifts, or other financial benefits should be brought to the attention of the MSHA President.

Outlets that currently allow sponsorship and/or advertising include MSHA meetings, year- round on the web site , and webinars. Sponsorships opportunities within the approved outlets are offered in accordance with the attached Sponsor Agreement Form. Any outlets not previously approved for sponsorship and advertising must be approved by the MSHA Executive Board before soliciting sponsorship support.

Each year will have an updated sponsorship form and should be either downloaded from the web site or requested from the MSHA Office.