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Honors of the Association AwardThe Honors of the Association, MSHA’s highest distinction, recognizes members for distinguished contributions to the discipline of communication sciences and disorders.  This award has broad criteria to encourage recognition of those individuals whose contributions have been of such excellence that they have enhanced or altered the course of the professions.  It may be awarded for a single area of achievement and the quality of the achievement and their impact on the professions are considered of greater importance than their length of service.  Members are encouraged to nominate individuals who are well-known throughout the nation and the world for a lifetime of innovative clinical practice, insightful and rigorous research, creative administration, effective legislative activity, outstanding teaching, or other distinguished professional contributions.

Outstanding School ClinicianThis award will be made to one audiologist and/or speech-language pathologist, employed by the school system, in recognition of exemplary commitment and outstanding contribution to the delivery of services within the school setting. The nominee’s commitment to the delivery of services must be evidenced by a specific activity or achievement or a series of related integrated activities resulting in the achievement of a common goal.  The contribution must reflect a direct, observable, and demonstrable impact.   Eligible activities or achievements include, but are not limited to:

1.         the conduct of exemplary clinical services, supervision, or research in a school setting
2.         The development of an innovative program (e.g., clinical, training) in a school setting with an emphasis on those that are replicable; or
3.         The promotion or enhancement of public or private support for audiology and speech-language pathology services in schools

Outstanding Student ClinicianThe Mississippi Speech-Language-Hearing Association is seeking recipients for its 2017 Outstanding Student Clinician Award.  It is important that we recognize our outstanding student clinicians at each university.  Students may be nominated by academic faculty, clinical faculity or cinical supervisors.

Clinical Achievement AwardThis award recognizes a speech-language pathologist or audiologist that has demonstrated contributions to the advancement of knowledge in recent clinical practice. The achievement must be specific, well-defined, and clearly within the time limit of the last 6 years.  Eligible activities or accomplishments for which an individual might receive the Clinical Achievement Award may include, but are not restricted to, the following examples. 

1.         A single achievement with a client or group of clients.
2.         A specific clinical service or training program
3.         A specific achievement in a state or local organization or government agency activity.

4.         A specific accomplishment in clinical teaching, research or administration.





Honors of the Association is awarded to recognize distinguished contributions to speech-language pathology and audiology in Mississippi.

2015 - Maureen Martin



2014 – Lennette Ivy

2013 - Carolyn Wiles Higdon

2012 - Julie Carr Chadwick
2011 - Nola T. Radford
2010 - Suzie Rosser
2009 - Georgene Falcone Johnson
2008 - Ricky W. Burk
2007 - Zenobia Bagli
2006 - Frances Ladell Kraft
2005 - Virginia Berry
2003 - Beverly Ray
2002 - Mary Hall
2000 - Mary Ann Mach
1999 - Ruth E. Ayers
1998 - Lynn Bishop
1997 - Ojus Malphurs
1996 - Richard Saniga
1995 - Hope Bacon
1994 - Margaret Carlin
1993 - Juanita Sims-Doty
1992 - Judson Farmer
1991 - James E. Peck
1990 - Barbara Hanners
1989 - Rita Grice
1988 - Margaret Wylde
1985 - Lions Club of Mississippi
1984 - Etoile DuBard
1981 - Jerry Griffith & Gloria Kellum
1977 - Mary Allen



The Clinical Achievement Award recognizes demonstrated contributions to the advancement of knowledge in clinical practice in speech-language pathology and audiology.

2015 - Kim Ward

2014 – Linda Piazza

2013 - William Mustain

2012 - Ricky W. Burk (Louis M. DiCarlo Award)
2012 - Mary Ann Legett Mach (Frank R. Kleffner Lifetime Clinical Career Award)
2011 - Charles G. Marx
2010 - Alexandra O'Neal
2009 - Maureen Martin
2008 - Judy Hearne
2007 - Julie Chadwick
2006 - Beverly Ray
2005 - Rebecca Laskin
2004 - Rebecca Owens Lowe
2003 - Annette Wimberly
2002 - Robert Guy Millis
1999 - Georgene Johnson
1994 - Eloise Harris
1992 - Richard Saniga
1991 - Margaret Carlin
1990 - Harriet Turner
1989 - Doris Bradley
1988 - Gloria Kellum
1987 - Etoile DuBard
1985 - James R. Peck
1977 - Mary Schaub



The Outstanding School Clinician Award acknowledges speech-language pathologists and audiologists employed in a Mississippi school-based practice.  Honorees must be nominated by a school superintendent, a special education coordinator, or a speech-language pathology/audiology supervisor.

2015 - Nancy Gatwood



2014 – Henrietta Dagher

2013 - Jayna Locke McBride

2012 - Sonya Cowart
2011 - Claudette Edwards
2010 - Constance Eaves
2009 - Judy Newton
2008 - Trenia Reynolds
2007 - Shellie Matthews
2006 - Lisa Mooney
2005 - Janet Wagner
2004 - Jacquelyn S. Longmeier
2003 - Lynn Mowery
2002 - Georgene Johnson
2001 - Brenda Koenig
2000 - Debbie Holifield
1998 - Georgia O'Leary
1997 - Joyce Keller
1996 - Barbara Fox
1995 - Carol Thigpen
1994 - Angie Helldorfer
1993 - Kay Roseberry
1992 - Mary Heffington
1991 - Betty N. Blackbourn
1990 - Cecelia Floyd
1989 - Mary Johnson